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Welcome to Dark Divinity!

You found the right place even if you don’t know how you got here.  Don’t worry.  I like squirrels.  It's not random. I made you do it.  We have this one chick, she is not like the rest of us but she is exactly the same except for that one thing.  You got to do stuff to people if you wanna be a _____.  In the future, when all turds are perfectly round, we will rule the world.  For now I rule my own little world and I like it here mostly because I am nice to me.  KILL ELMOS!!!  You can follow me in the followy places.

Dark Divinity is a crazy Asmodian legion on the Israphel server on AION.  We enjoy insulting our Brigade General openly in vent.  Come hear the snorting, the screaming, and the laughing.  We play hard together in PVP and PVE.  The only thing we take seriously is having fun.

Welcome to the madhouse.  Be prepared to AoE.

To quote Jaktripr, "Oh god, that's not right."

We are a PvP focused legion that are looking to grow, get geared out to roll the elyos, be active in the Seiges and moving up in Abyss rank but at the same time stay very close together as friends and help out as much as we can. We are very close as friends and help everyone out and that's why we have stayed together whiles others have crumbled. We are nice and...........well we're different I should say. From Dreemr's awkward comments to Edisu's ear bleeding yells in vent from victories in dredge, you will either like us or hate us. I would say though that usually the people that join, join and stay for a long time. Everyone in the legion is very cool and we are growing bigger and stronger all the time, we grow slowly though. I find growing slowly is so much better and beneficial because no one in the legion will get lost or left out, we are all very social and always wanting to do things TOGETHER. Doing things together is what helps us stay close. We all know each other, were not awkward asking or talking to people when we need it and most of all......we just kick ass :)

"What was once a casual legion has now become the next behemoth legion to plague the server of Israphel. For eyeballing this page, you may ask yourself if this legion is right for you. This is understandable. Our Officers are awkward, the toons; insane... BG Dreemr and Cyborg comparing sticks with one another.. Edisu breaking the sound barrier in ventrillo, several others bringing up random nonsense during our themed days... one can understand how the awesomeness could be too much to handle.

On a "not-stroking-our-e-awesomeness" note, we're actually a pretty devoted legion that's dedicated to helping our server in sieges, and focusing on helping one another with our in-game goals. Everyone's different. But if you're in a legion that's not accommodating for you, not motivated to help you grow as a player and as a person, than you need to see what a real legion is like. So we've piqued your interest? Shh.. shh... just let it happen..
Join us.
Because somewhere deep down inside.. you know you need Nachos.
Dark Divinity Nachos.

Wild, Crude, Lude, Rambunctious... Welcome to Dark Divinity, where fun comes first and only takes a break for real life.  We are a tight-knit group of friends that enjoy pvp and mocking each other in vent.  Everybody here is easy going and quick to help out when you need it.  The absolute best legion I've ever found in any game I've ever played.  Be forewarned, this legion is not for everyone; but if you enjoy having a good time, and don't take offense to the playful banter and colorful language, come hang out and give us a try.  See you in game.

I'm trapped! I can't get out! Aaaaah!

Dark Divinity is a casual bunch of people I can enjoy my day with.

Dark Divinity breaks the top 20
Mar 12, 12 2:05 AM
Our strength is growing
Nov 8, 11 9:59 AM
Push it, Push it Real Good
Aug 4, 11 6:50 PM
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